Sunday, May 15, 2011

    Hi Everyone!! 
    Just a little reminder, I will be at the Conthey Tattoo Convention with the Inkvaders Crew next week-end! Come to say hi if you are around...  :)

    I'm trying to work my ass off to learn to draw gypsy girls... here some of my first attempts and sketches, hope you like' em... :)

    A little painting I did between some tube cleansing sessions... if anyone knows an internet shop where I can find some frames like the one on the picture, please just let me know!

    And here some print sets finally available at my etsy shop... just in case, each item is also sold separately...

    My first contribution for Inkvaders now as a sticker!  :)

    A tattoo machine my boss offered me for my birthday some weeks ago...
     Thank you so much Christian!

    Ladies and gentlemen… (Buzz Roll) my new waste basket!!! 
    Thank you, Cesarina!

    Some others gifts I received for my birthday (oh, lucky me!)... thanx a lot Innina!! :) Btw, Innina is also a tattoo apprentice from Geneva and she has a blog too, go check her stuff here! :)

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