Friday, July 22, 2011


    Great flower, no doubt. Nice color, clean lines...

    Fester is a champion...

    Here's part of what went on today, the 22nd of July... Fester sitting on the other side of the room, was putting out some great sh*t. It's so private that sometimes, it seems that the only people that know what's going on on that side of the wall, are him, and God. Jesus Christ!! The things he does are so sinfully clean. Like this cross below. Perfect lines, Hell, only an antichrist like him could do stuff like this!!

    Sometimes, people get all philosophical when getting tattooed... like "Everything happens for a reason".. same as "sh*t happens"... only "Everything happens for a reason" takes up most of the upper chest, "Sh*t happens" may only take up just the collar. Do you really think things happen for a reason? or is it more like there is a reason things happen? Or maybe it's the same...

    Kids, flowers, flowers n kids. Kids should never put plastic wrap over their faces... unless they are a tattoo on someone's leg.. or maybe you just wanna put em to sleep for a while. Black n grey is so under rated... it's a real nice classy way to tattoo. Not too bold and way more depth and realism than the mediocre color pieces people do these days.

    Can't believe July is almost over. Time flies when you do great work!!! Keep coming, this has been a great summer so far...

    3001 Cambie St. @ 14th. 604-879-4114

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Great two week recap

     I haven't posted in at least 2 weeks, so here's what I've been up to.

    Had some friends come in from out of town this Sunday, two best friends got these matching tattoos. Pretty sweet considering I used to play this game when I was little with my brother growing up. This one was challenging since it's a perfect circle. I'm getting better at taking my time.... slow and steady. Need more practice with color blending but this helped me out alot. Thanks to James and Mike for these!
     Saturday at 4th St
     Another walk in
     Walkin...hard to tattoo this area, really weird when you get by the tendon at the back of the ankle.
     Kudos to Kali for letting me do this awesome design on her! Just an outline for now, planning out a color scheme for this. I'm stoked that I have friends that are willing to let me do bigger, fun things on them for practice.
     Led Zeppelin action over at the NJ shop.
     NJ shop appointment, she came in with her mother. this was her first tattoo and was excited about this one.... perfect straight lines.... true test in patience and to TAKE MY TIME.
     Her mother got this one... sorry for the dark photo
     More NJ walkins.... first negative stars, will do this differently next time, but it was fun to do and I hope to see this again to see how it healed.
     No Ka Oi walkin.... big beatles fan, and so am I. Super cool chick, hope to tattoo her again!
     Another walk in, signature on the ankle. Really fun to use a really big liner for this one. I haven't used anything too big since I started.
     Bad photo, this was also a walkin at No Ka Oi
     Refreshing an oldie but goodie...

     This is what it looked like BEFORE..............
     I was in NJ one day like 2 weeks ago and my client with the Iron Maiden tattoo came in for this on his other arm... another super challenge and really happy with how it came out.
     Another walk in, I would like to smooth this out a bit more... need to work on my black and grey shading. Slow, steady and smooth. I wish he had shaded the wings as well, but we left this as is.... he wanted it like the image he brought it. Maybe I'll see him again for a little greywash in the wings later on.
     Image from a Sublime album booklet. Fun to do! Really into these not-perfect graphic images.

    Walkin at NJ

     This went on the lady with the rose that needed work. Sorry for the bad pic.. i'll try and find a better one.
    My first celtic cross! Really a challenge, but glad I got to do it.

    More to come.... hopefully this heat wave won't keep people away from getting tattooed!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Back from NYC !

Friday, July 8, 2011



    Occupation: Filmmaker from Vancouver, B.C

    Fighting style: Muay Thai/Karate

    Tony is making his debut in battlefiled fight league. He is competing as an amateur mma bantamweight combatant on July, 16. 2011 at the Vancouver trade and convention center. He has been getting tattooed her at the shop for some time now. Most of his ongoing work is done by Mark Lankin.

    Not only does Tony have plans for a successful fighting career, he has plans for a a lot of tattoo coverage!!!

    The work Mark has been doing is asian inspired with the addition of a very illustrator style. The smooth black n grey is characteristic of Mark.



    Chests.. you name it...

    So, come out and support TONY NGUYEN at the Vancouver Convention center on July 16th!!!

    Who cares if you don't like MMA! Support the shop that supports the shop's supporters and the shop's friend's supporters and their friends' friends who support them.

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