Thursday, July 29, 2010

Shop update !

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    I finally received the greeting cards !!!
    Seven different designs including Owls, Pugs, Geishas, Matryoshkas and Cupcakes... 
    Each card comes with an envelope

    I'm gonna open an Etsy account tonight to sell them... so stay tuned !!!  :)

    And... free cards (shipping included) to the first two comments for this post !!! :)  

    PS: if you wanna get cards and you don't have an Etsy account, send me an email at

    - to see it bigger just click on it -

    - to see it bigger just click on it -

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

    After a life full of reckless adventures Timmy has recently been spotted enjoying more relaxing activities... 
    Is Timmy done with his daredevil lifestyle and ready for retirement or is it just a short break in the life of a bold adventurer ???

Sunday, July 25, 2010

    Maurice goes Twilight... 
    a vampire fanged, nocturnal genteel predator, watch out, ladies !!!
    Huhuhu... ;) 

    And don't forget to check out Hawaii Kawaii!
     She featured me and some of my drawings on her blog!
     Thanx so much to her !!!
    Visit Hawaii Kawaii

FUNHOUSE TATTOO - a little overview..

    Here's Fester doing another FINE piece!! Perfectly executed Chinese letters.. complete with brush strokes. You could see all the tiny lines from the camel hair brush that it could have originaly been painted with! Don't know if that's what they use in China for brushes...
    Fester tattoos with confidence and precision. Natural instinct. He has years under his belt of hardships & good times. He's had to jump some hurdles in his lifetime! All of these things can side track you from your trajectory of being a professional tattoo artists. He stuck with it and now 13 years later.... greatness.

    Sasha does too! I don't think you will find another quite like her. ...This feather is so clean and well done. All this talent and ability is from YEARS of work. Working on your own legs... guinea pigging friends, working on Ryan! The amount of dedication it takes to do what she does is unbelievable. The anxiety and stress in the early years from trying to push your limits and occasionally falling on your face compares to accidentally cutting off the wrong foot of a patient with gang green in his toes... well, maybe not as bad. We have all been through it and come out the other side!!

    It's as if one day, a light bulb goes on in your head and all of the sudden you're doing stuff like this:

    or this shell by Sasha:

    Now, because of the TV shows on tattooing, tons of people want to get into it. It's not the Outlaw art it used to be. It's great for business but it's lost it's edge. There are tons of kids who want to get an apprenticeship, or think it' s an easy job. It' s not. People think that just because you're a good artists, you can do this. Or just because you have a degree from some art school that you will be attractive to us to bring you in as an apprentice. Not true. We get tons of inquiries about an "apprenticeship program" or if we need any apprentices. Nobody ever NEEDS one... really. Maybe a helper to clean tubes... sterilize, answer phones... but to find somebody who is willing to dedicate YEARS of their life to learning this trade is a rare thing. It's even more rare to find somebody who is WORTH teaching this to.

    I had an apprentice once - Jeremy Riley. He turned out GREAT. He was with me for 9 years!!! He now owns Tattoo Union on Broadway... right down the street from where he started.

    For me, every aspect of tattooing is important. It's not just the art of tattooing...Here's a bit about what I do on the side... building tattoo machines.

    This is the NEW steel BLACK WIDOW machine. It's coils are not only triangular in shape, the space between the protruding tops and bottoms allow for more winds of wire. It is a strong smooth running machine, yet sensitive and versatile enough to execute the finest details with the smallest needle groupings as well as subtle grey shades.

    Most machine suppliers will sell a machine for the fair market price, but now that China is involved, the price does not always match the product. Most artists want to buy a machine which is ready to go. Buy one of those and if you don't know how to adjust of modify it, the price just wasn't worth it. Our machines are ready to go, tuned and set up to be able to perform whatever function you need to perform.

    This is the Godoy Machines V3 machine. This piece of machinery has had year of designing and testing. It happens to be our 3rd patent in the works!! The way this machine runs doesn't compare to ANY machine out there. Every component has been dissected and re worked for function and ergonomics. From the precise machining to the tight layer winds, from the deluxe powder coated finishes to the minor details like fasteners and terminals... this is a piece of highly functional art. Because of the coils shapes, there are more layers of wire than on a standard machine. It will operate at between 6 and 7.5 on a regulated power supply. Which is a higher than on our V2 and Black Widow machines. This does not change function. You will not find a smoother feeling machine than this one. This is the Mercedes of tattoo machines.

    The Godoy Machines V2... what can I say. Before our office actions with the square coil patent, we were experimenting with a V series coil. The shape of the coil, the angles of the coil... and of course the wire gauges were all things we were studying. We were also concerned with the magnetic field and how to direct it to where we wanted it to go. We slanted the coils, away from each other to re direct the magnetic field to either end of the moving armature bar, and here ya go... the V2 was born. Future modifications lead us to now, where the rear coil is straight and the front coil is angled.


    We believe in advancement. We support creativity and originality. The shop environment, though light hearted and fun, is also serious. We are serious about the service we provide and the ethics we keep

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

    Ganesh Matryoshka,  hope you like it... :) 

Friday, July 16, 2010

    I didn't find any story to go with the sketch... 
    maybe you could write one ?  :) 

Thursday, July 15, 2010


    Cover ups are serious business. They are a great way to get rid of regret, wether it's the memories of that Vegas trip when you got married by Elvis and got your future ex husband's name tattooed on you or wether it's a souvenir from your f*cked up teenage years experimenting with sewing needle and india ink tattoos! Emotional regret is a different story!!

    Cover ups don't have to be so complicated. Any quality artist SHOULD be able to cover a tattoo. The "normal" way to cover a tattoo is to use a color that is darker than the colors used in the tattoo to be covered. Most artists (the mediocre ones) would have chosen a design which was mostly BLACK to cover this tribal, like another tribal or a mountain gorilla or... When in reality, a color that is the same value of the tattoo to be covered will work to blend it into the new design or to cover it. The tattoo in picture is greyish... a dolphin would have easily covered this, leaving plenty of clear skin to put a rainbow coming out of it's ass and not have the colors muddied up by the grey tattoo.

    If you look at photo number one, the tattoo looks dark on the skin because the only color to contrast it is her skin color, but if you took a blue ball point pen and drew a line on the tattoo, you would see that the pen is darker than the tattoo and you would know that you have more options than you think!

    Tattoo colors in their bottles look thick, dark and dense... they are much like tempera paint, or poster paints, the difference is in the surface they to be applied to. On paper, the color will be opaque, that is to say "solid" because the surface is not as porous as skin is so on paper, these colors can cover spots or patches which are dark. IN the skin, the colors go in transparent so there's no way you can cover a freckle with yellow, or pink or anything lighter in value than that freckle. They will show through, some darker scars will too... birthmarks, the same... GET IT?

    how bout now?

    In this tattoo I (Art) used shades of battle ship grey and watered down black to do the "base coat" of the tattoo... creating a foundation which would make it easier to add lighter colors around those areas to create depth.

    If you need cover up work, think of the images that you like. It's up to us to make it cover that ugliness. You should be open minded because NOT all images will cover all tattoos, for example, a bright yellow happy face would never cover this grey tribal tattoo. The only other option, if your tattoo is super dark, besides tattooing a big black patch is laser treatments... which can be used to lighten the tattoo in order to have more options for cover up designs, or to get rid of it all together.

    If anyone can do it, we can. Got one to do really soon, the clown who did it originally, knows who he is. Have a few ideas in mind just in CASE Your original idea doesn't work.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


    Don't you think that Leonardo the pug doesn't look really happy in its pocket sized sweatbox? 
    The cutesy ornaments and fancy bowknot don't help either, I guess... 
    poor Leonardo!  :(  

Monday, July 12, 2010

    Matryoshka galore week : my first kitty matryoshka ! ! !

    Any suggestion for the next matryoshka themed sketch ???
    A pug? a koala? Huh?

Saturday, July 10, 2010


    Before turning into a somewhat chubby wooden doll, Gustav was one of the fiercest hunters to ever grace the Family... Timmy and Maurice's grandfather had one of the sharpest beaks and eight of the most powerful claws to ever shred a prey... Everybody in the village looked up to him.

    But time past and his wings began to feel heavier and heavier, weighting him down... plus, his beak wasn't the hard cutting lopper it was years ago anymore and his toes couldn't squeeze and crush as they used to do. 
    Gustav retired in the forest, diminished, sad, chagrined and afraid of losing all respect from his tribe. Everything felt bleak and blue cause he knew he would never be the great hunter he once was anymore...

    Til one day, after months of slumbering in a trunk hole trying to sleep life away, he woke up converted in a nesting doll. 
    Gustav could never hunt again... but the transformation turned him into one pondering and wise old bird and the village still look up to him to this day.  

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


    Maurice the Owl... Timmy's fancy cousin haha!

    Stay tuned! Matryoshka themed sketches coming really soon! 

Saturday, July 3, 2010


    JULY 9 - 11 in Langley. 2 artists per day at our booth. If you want to get tattooed at the convention, please call the shop to see which ones of us will be there on what day. Should be a good event. For more info on the show, go to :


    OR BY FESTER!!!!

    OR BY MARK!!!

    OR BY JUAN!!!

    OR BY ART!!

    If we're busy, come by anyway, make an appointment to get tattooed at the shop! See you there!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

    This is another commissioned work I finished this week... Alex, a friend of mine from Geneva, asked me for a "sweet faced geisha with closed eyes" !
    she didn't really want a traditional one, but a more "girly" kind of geisha... 
    I tried a chrysanthemum as an ornament for the fan instead of a peony, as I traditionally do.

     hope you like it!  :)

    A great weekend for everyone 

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