Monday, May 30, 2011

    Hi Everyone! 

    Gypsy girls and victorian classy ladies, my new seasonal obsession! ;) 


    My first collaboration with Ashley Love is progressing... overseas partnerships are not the easiest ones but it's been amazing anyway to be part of the project, I'm so happy!! :)  more to come soon! Would anyone be interested in some prints?? 

    Ashley, Thank you so much for the watercolor paints! It's not easy to find them over here! 

    New sketches, painting and ideas boiling in my mind at the moment... a lot to come this summer I hope! :)

    Kitty power!!!! Joy from 1228 Tattoo in Brooklyn was touring Europe and stopped by the shop to say hi! Thanx so much Joy!!!! :) Come back soon Lady!

    The amazing Joey Ortega, guesting at Inkvaders two weeks ago! 

    A gift from Joey and Yvan (new tattooist at Inkvaders!)... I really wonder how they discovered I was into owls... ???  :p

    Our stand at Conthey's Convention... thankfully we sold a lot of stuff there. I will try to work on new sets for this summer and have them on my etsy shop. Please don't hesitate to suggest me ideas for the coming sets, it's always cool to know what people are into for inspiration... 

    I entered the Flash Set Contest at Conthey's Convention and ended up... 1st! :) 
     It's my first prize ever, so thanx so much to all the people who voted for me, it was so niiice from you!! I take it as an encouragement to continue drawing, painting and learn to tattoo.  :)

    Some Valais landscapes, near where the Convention took place...

    ps: as some may have seen, I closed my Twitter and Tumblr account to be able to focus more on my blog! Thanx for passing by! 

    A nice week to everyone!

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