Monday, May 30, 2011

    Hi Everyone! 

    Gypsy girls and victorian classy ladies, my new seasonal obsession! ;) 


    My first collaboration with Ashley Love is progressing... overseas partnerships are not the easiest ones but it's been amazing anyway to be part of the project, I'm so happy!! :)  more to come soon! Would anyone be interested in some prints?? 

    Ashley, Thank you so much for the watercolor paints! It's not easy to find them over here! 

    New sketches, painting and ideas boiling in my mind at the moment... a lot to come this summer I hope! :)

    Kitty power!!!! Joy from 1228 Tattoo in Brooklyn was touring Europe and stopped by the shop to say hi! Thanx so much Joy!!!! :) Come back soon Lady!

    The amazing Joey Ortega, guesting at Inkvaders two weeks ago! 

    A gift from Joey and Yvan (new tattooist at Inkvaders!)... I really wonder how they discovered I was into owls... ???  :p

    Our stand at Conthey's Convention... thankfully we sold a lot of stuff there. I will try to work on new sets for this summer and have them on my etsy shop. Please don't hesitate to suggest me ideas for the coming sets, it's always cool to know what people are into for inspiration... 

    I entered the Flash Set Contest at Conthey's Convention and ended up... 1st! :) 
     It's my first prize ever, so thanx so much to all the people who voted for me, it was so niiice from you!! I take it as an encouragement to continue drawing, painting and learn to tattoo.  :)

    Some Valais landscapes, near where the Convention took place...

    ps: as some may have seen, I closed my Twitter and Tumblr account to be able to focus more on my blog! Thanx for passing by! 

    A nice week to everyone!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

playing some serious catch up

    on the shoulder, done in nj
    lettering done in nj.... i like how this turned out however i wasn't too stoked on the design. i would have drawn it differently but it wasn't for me...

    my very first nautical star.
    done on the same guy. used a friend's new red he mixed and i love it!
    on the wrist
    done in nj... really scary area to tattoo still. i took it slow and it went ok, but still a very hard area to work for me
    done at no ka oi, he came in with the design
    done on friday the 13 on south street
    Done on south street. my very first dripping cherries that happen to be on fire!

    bling bling done on south street

     touch up of the shamrock I did a month or so ago. He had a rough heal and it looked like some of the scabs may have been picked or ripped off.... so hopefully this time around it will heal better for him.
     done at No Ka Oi. crappy photo though. it's really not lopsided... next time i'll have him stand up for the photo so it looks straight.
     done at No Ka Oi
     same day
     same day also, used my handwriting which was kinda cool
    last tattoo of the day at No ka Oi. Super nice woman and got the tattoo for her son.... the elephant was cute and fun to do as well. used my new rotary machine and really enjoying it so far.

    Finally ordered business cards today. Haven't had my own cards since college. Baby steps!

    Until next time!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

    Hi Everyone!! 
    Just a little reminder, I will be at the Conthey Tattoo Convention with the Inkvaders Crew next week-end! Come to say hi if you are around...  :)

    I'm trying to work my ass off to learn to draw gypsy girls... here some of my first attempts and sketches, hope you like' em... :)

    A little painting I did between some tube cleansing sessions... if anyone knows an internet shop where I can find some frames like the one on the picture, please just let me know!

    And here some print sets finally available at my etsy shop... just in case, each item is also sold separately...

    My first contribution for Inkvaders now as a sticker!  :)

    A tattoo machine my boss offered me for my birthday some weeks ago...
     Thank you so much Christian!

    Ladies and gentlemen… (Buzz Roll) my new waste basket!!! 
    Thank you, Cesarina!

    Some others gifts I received for my birthday (oh, lucky me!)... thanx a lot Innina!! :) Btw, Innina is also a tattoo apprentice from Geneva and she has a blog too, go check her stuff here! :)

Saturday, May 14, 2011



    I have been all over the world in the last several years with my brother Steve... America, Canada, Australia, Spain, Italy, Germany, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Urugay, Mexico... and we are going to South Africa in a few days!!! WHY? to do tattoo machine seminars.

    If it wasn't for Sammy Ramirez, we could confidently say that our successful book "Tattoo Machines & their Secrets" may have never come out... and if it wasn't for Sammy, we may not be doing tattoo machine seminars all over the world!

    At one of the Guadalajara conventions (which Sammy is responsible for putting on) he asked us to do a machine class. We did.. it was successful. We didn't consider it until he asked us to. We owe Sammy thanks over and over.

    Sammy (R) with Indio, another tattooist friend of ours.

    Modern, tattooing in Mexico has a colorful history. There are several major players who are considered early pioneers of electric tattooing. Sammy Ramirez being one of them. It would be very difficult to find any other Mexican tattoo artist who has contributed so much to the advancement of the art on a large scale. His yearly convention in Guadalajara is proof of that!! That's why we attend every year. He provides seminars for every aspect of tattooing, taught by the best in the field, from pathogens classes, to piercing and modifications, to advanced tattooing techniques and our tattoo machines course. He also show cases tons of entertainment for the public, from punk bands to freak shows right down to mariachis and Mexican folk dancers...

    He has been putting this convention on for over 15 years! There are several attendees of legendary status who attend every year. El Guello.. before Sammy there was Guello. An artist from Guadalajara recognized as a pioneer, if not THE pioneer of electric tattooing. El Tigre, Chino, El Chacal, Pirana are all names of other early artists... right down to the unreal work of Paco Arias, Pedro Alvarez, Pablo Xno, David "Scrappy Uno" Garcia, Goethe, Pablo Ash... our very own Juan "Super" Arreguin and Armando "Fester" Castruita!! There are way more artists to mention.

    So, thanks again to Sammy Ramirez... if it wasn't for that convention more than 9 years ago, we may not have been traveling, teaching and bettering the industry in our own way.

    Our shop only has the best of the best. An international cast of greatness... More to come.

    Funhouse Tattooing
    3001 Cambie st. @ 14th

Friday, May 13, 2011

visit from old friends

    What I forgot to mention....

    During the week I got a visit from some very old friends that I haven't seen in maybe 4 years. Big thanks to Monica and Genna for stopping in and bringing me a new customer! He got a little vhs tape on his forearm which was a blast to do. Unfortunately the picture I took looks crappy so until I can aquire a better one from him I'll leave this up to your imagination. It's nice to run into old friends who have seen me from the very beginning, before I even made it to South Street working with everyone. I met them when I was still in NJ apprenticing.

    Pics to follow......

South Street

     So it's been a bit slow around here for walkins this week, but the weekend is here and hopefully it will pick up. This one walked in yesterday. Although the design is simple i was having some machine trouble... both shaders decided to stop working while I was filling this in. In a way it was a good thing, it forced me to use my rotary for the first time and I have to say I really like it. It was a challenge to figure out the setup but once I got the hang of it I enjoyed it quite a bit. Sorry for the crappy photo... for some reason it looks more grey than black....

    Another walkin, very small and simple name. As much as I hate tattooing the wrist it does get easier the more I do it. It's just one of those areas that I find it one of my weakest areas. Practice Practice Practice.

    Until next time...
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