Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Walkins today on 4th Street

    So today I've done two so far. The first one with the lily and the name was an appointment for my coworker but he couldn't make it in today, so he passed one off to me and another to my other coworker who is here covering for him.

    So Bill has been on me about doing a color or grey study of the tattoo I'm about to do before I tattoo it. This time I did just that and it really helped me out. It saved me from any guess work while I was working. I've done it before as well, but only after he mentioned something to me about it. I'm going to make sure I do that before any tattoo that I think needs it. I was really happy with this one and hope to get more flowers like this for practice.

    This next one was a walkin, the guy picked it off the wall. Only thing we changed was adding color to the ribbon.

    More to come.....

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday funday!

    At No Ka Oi yesterday two girls came in and wanted matching ribbons on their wrists. The stick is a drumstick....

    Again another exercise in color and got to play around with pinks.

    Next this chick came in... a regular customer at our shop. Just this week she got something else on her chest. She was super sweet and put this on the back of her thigh. Definitely a weird area to tattoo, but with all the stretching practice I'm getting without using an armrest it wasn't as bad as I thought.

    The last of the day was this one. Just an outline of the NJ state with a banner and a tiny bit of shading on the banner. It was so weird tattooing him mainly because the skin puffed up so fast! I definitely have to get used to working with darker skin. This guy was super nice and it was also his first tattoo.

    Then to today... this walked in first of the day. I was really happy about this one because I got more practice with working with solid color.

    Next to walk in was this one.... an old name that needed reworking, and she wanted to add a simple design around the name so that it looked like a bracelet. This is what we came up with.... Sorry about the crappy photo... for some reason the pics came out lighter than the design actually is.

    Obviously her skin got super puffed up maybe that's why the photo came out so light.... I hope to see her again so I can see how it healed.

    Then the bracelet's boyfriend wanted a kanji design from off the wall. He got it on his forearm and we will add stars around it once hes all healed up.

    Another walk in.... really simple kanjis. She didn't sit so well but overall I'm happy with how it came out.

    The last walkin of the day so far was this on the wrist. She was really nice and we added some color in the bling stars.

    I'm off tomorrow, but will post more when I have more to show you!


Tony's thigh

    So on Wednesday Tony and I met up at the South Street shop to outline his left thigh. He told me about a week before this that he wanted a hot mermaid with a clipper ship and water in the background. I was so excited that one of my fellow artists/friends would want me to do something so big on him! So this is what we came up with. This took me roughly 3 hours to outline and Bill was there too.

    I'm about to upload the tattoos I did today here on 4th Street. Stay tuned!

More catch up

    Due to lack of internet at my house I'm resorting to uploading whenever I'm at work and not busy. So here's the weekend recap....

    Im just going to post everything that I've done and then do my best to fill in with comments...

     So I was working on 4th Street the other day and got a few walk ins.... this was the first. Also her first tattoo.
     Then this one was sent over from No Ka Oi and this was her first tattoo.
     Then that same week I was working on South Street with Carlos and a few things came in. This was the second of the day. He was super nice and despite the crappy photo Bill and I were happy with it.
     Next these two girls walked in and each of them got a paw print. One of the girls got hers on the hip so we passed that one to Carlos and I did this one.
     Next was a young woman who wanted a star bracelet. She was really nice and we went with just an outline for now. Maybe another time she will come back for color or shading.

     Then on Friday I worked at No Ka Oi. This girl came in who wanted to let me practice on her! We gave her this which is her last name in Arabic, then she gave me some references for a pomogranate plant on her ribs. I'm going to talk it over with Bill and draw out a design so that we can work on that together. I'm noticing that the simple things are getting easier and easier the more I work.
     Next this chick came in. This was a good exercise in color. Very fun to do and she is going to come back to get a matching one on her other ankle.
    After that a couple came in and each of them got this on their inner arm.

    More to come......!

Playing catch up

    So I haven't posted anything in a few days, so here is what I've been up to. The other night when I posted the holy on the foot, a 18 yr old kid came in with his parents wanting his first tattoo. He came in with a dream catcher design and a logo that he wanted in the middle. Although this design is a bit larger than what I'm working on at the moment, I went ahead and did it. Looking back I should have done a value study beforehand to figure out a game plan, but I just went for it. I talked to Bill about it afterwards and there are definitely things that I could have done differently like put more variation in the values. So today I did a value study so that for next time I know how to better approach feathers. All in all I was really excited about this tattoo and so was the client. Another thing is that he had a 10 yr old scar that he wanted covered, and this was my first time dealing with covering up anything.

    I told him to come in once this heals so we can add some darker values to the feathers.

    Saturday was my day off and my cousin Jimmy came in to get his first tattoo, his last name across his back. We only did the lettering that day, he's going to add shamrocks on either side of the letters the next time. This one went pretty smoothly, learned some lessons about stretching with Bill there and about proper shading. Next time I think I won't go so dark. Use more lighter values to make the transition smoother.

    Yesterday I worked at No Ka Oi and it was fairly busy. The first one of the day was a woman getting her first tattoo, and wanted a ladybug flying off her arm. Bill helped me out with the design and adding the shading around the flight lines to make it look more like the bug was in flight. This was a good lesson in color and dealing with darker skin.

    The next was another first tattoo for a young man in love. This one is self explanatory.

    This one came in after, something really simple on a med student. He chose a font from our lettering book and went from there.

    The last couple of the day were really sweet! They had read my blog and wanted to get something from me, way to take one for the team!!! This went on the one girl and the other got this next one on her wrist :)

    This one was really funny and I had a good time tattooing these two ladies. I hope to see them again!

    Now off to another day.....

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Inkvaders Tattoo part2

    So much fun (and work for me! :) at Inkvaders these times!! 
    A lot of cool guests have been coming by so I had the chance to take a look at the amazing stuff they did here... 
    Manoel 'Maneko' Neto from Good Fellaz Tattoo in Brazil and Joy Rumore and Ashley Love from 1228 Tattoo Shop in Brooklyn were some of the amazing people that stopped by these past weeks...

    Maneko and his Positive Mental Attitude inking some cheerful piece !!!

     The kickass result !!!

    Badass gangstas and psychedelic giant plush toys hanging together at the shop...

    Brooklyn's dope girl Joy Rumore and sweet Ashley Love posing with the Inkvaders' crew! 

    I've been a fan of Ashley's work for years !!! I love what she draws, her unique blend of old school and vintage cuteness is so graceful and elegant... 
    It was a real honor and pleasure for me to have her here, I hope she and Joy will be back soon! 


    Being inked by Ashley Love, a dream come true <3

    Some amazing prints and cards Ashley was carrying with her! Go take a look at her etsy shop ! 

    Party time!

    Joy loved to tell really dirty stories & jokes that made everyone blush afterwards, even herself... 
    Joy, what a kinky girl you are!!  ;)

    These two are custom drawings I made for Shona and Claire! Thanx so much girls!

    Flash set to come...

    Some 250g glossy paper prints back in my shop !

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