Monday, May 2, 2011

Easter Holiday in London

    After four straight months of hard work at the tattoo shop I finally had a week off for my birthday! :) 
    I went to London last week to get tattooed by the nice and very talented Tutti Serra... London, what a lively city! I had never seen so many restaurants, bars and street food shops and stands in my life... the city is like a giant, packed and vibrant food court with swarming crowds walking the streets, shopping, eating, talking, etc!  

    And talking about shopping, I found some classy frames in Covent Garden, a flowery owl and sugar skull have been inhabiting them since my homecoming... 

    I've also been working on new sets of black and grey flashes. The Conthey Tattoo Convention (Switzerland) will be taking place at the end of month, I'll bring some sheets there.

    The swarming and touristic Camden Town... 

    Berkeley square, a charming tiny park in the heart of London... ideal to take a small break from the frantic streets.

    The legendary Frith Street Tattoo shop !!! The brilliant Valerie Vargas works there... I only stayed in the shop for a couple of minutes and Valerie wasn't even present but it was awesome anyway to visit the shop!  :)

    Yummy break at Covent Garden...  :)

    Whenever there's food around, I'm happy ;) !

    I found a kick-ass Totoro camera purse while night shopping in China Town, yeehaw!! :)

    Black Garden Tattoo Shop, where Tutti Serra works... he inked a dainty Lady Owl on my right biceps. Muito obrigada Tutti, your work is simply amazing!! 

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