Saturday, August 6, 2011

    Hi, wassup everybody ?!? :)

    Wow, it's been a long time without updating this blog... I've been terribly (but happily) busy these last weeks, painting a lot and tattooing too... yeah, finally! :)

    I've been getting into (more) old school (stuff) lately... I've been painting some flash sets inspired by what classic masters use to do, with some girly-cutesy touches, I guess. 
    Here the flash sets, for anyone interested in getting some prints of them, they are available on my etsy shop

    This flash set is based on butterflies drawings by Sailor Jerry, the painting is by me... 

    I've been tattooing too!! :)  So happy!  :)
    I quit the shop where I was an apprentice... more info very soon concerning my new whereabouts! 

    A little butterfly I did on my french friend Cécile Pagès... she is a tattoo artist from Paris who was guest spotting in Geneva these days... we exchanged tattoos (check the Hello Kitty ballerina I got from her below :) 

    Another cutesy lepidopteran I did on some lady's nape... Thanx so much Sarah!

    A flowery teapot on my great friend Sammy !!! 

    My kitty ballerina performing an elegant grand jeté over a bleeding molar... please ask the artist about the hidden meaning of it all! ;)

    Cécile inking me my kick-ass ballet dancer... merci chère amie, ce fut un plaisir! ;) 

    A great sunday and week to everyone, see ya soon !!!
    ps : I will be at the Paris Tattoo Convention in September if you wanna drop by at the Brooklyn's 1228 tattoo booth and say hi! 

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