Thursday, August 25, 2011

    Hi everybody!

    I'm still stuck on an old school phase and painting some flash sheets in that vein... but I guess that everything I do ends up looking kinda girly, what do you think??

    Maybe this panther is the less girly thing I've ever painted... so I gave it as a gift to my boyfriend, a real man with wooden carved hands and thick facial hair who eats lag bolts and square nuts every morning for breakfast... hoho, not!

    This lady swan is a gift for Ashley Love...

    Eustache is one singular classy fellow... sure, not the most virile dude you will meet but one hell of a refined and sophisticated gentleman who will make them all fall for him with his Baudelaire quotes and unique necklaces...

    Old School business cards, so glad I got them before the Paris Tattoo Convention! Want one? Come see me there! :)

    Tape framing, a newfound passion!! ;)

    Otherwise, I've been quite busy tattooing... ladies around here love butterflies and flowery anchors, me too! Thanx to everybody who's been asking me stuff!!  :)

    A nice week-end to everyone... see ya soon!!

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