Monday, June 13, 2011

    Hi everyone, what's the craic?!?  :)

    I've been asked if prints of my collaboration with Ashley Love would be available some day... finally the answer is yes! ->

    Inkvaders is organizing an art show to take place on the 30th of June... the shop has been going through some important changes lately and this will be a good occasion to show people what there is to expect from this new cycle starting nowadays... yes, a Rebirth !!! ;-) 

    And a little sneak peek of some of my stuff that will be hanging on the shop's walls for the expo :)


    Flowery love anchors!  :)

    Calaveritas floreadas!! :)

    Some random sketches I've been working on...

    Loitering at the shop... :p  please don't tell my boss... hihi  :) 

    A great week to everyone!! 
    C ya!  :)

    ps : For those of you who won't be able to make it for the expo I will be making some prints of my favorite paintings!

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