Thursday, April 14, 2011

    Have I already told you about a girl named... Ashley Love ?  ;)
    Wow, if some years ago somebody would have told me that her and me would be collaborating on a watercolor painting I would have begged him to stop kidding me... but sometimes even your wildest dreams can come true! We're planning to do some prints once the painting is finished! I hope that more collaborations will happen during the year...

    here the first stage of the project: 

    I received some new watercolor paints and I've been working on the spit shading technique... Here are two new sets of flashes I've been spending time on these last days: 

    Some new postcards and prints available on my etsy shop :)

    Hihihi, so funny, la Tribune de Genève, Geneva's biggest newspaper, wrote a small article about me!  :)
    The title says: "the blogger who became a tattooer"... it describes my itinerary since I began my blog until today... :)
    And no, I'm not promoting some hair care products nor some new type of shampoo on the article's picture! The photographer kept asking me to adopt some really funny poses during the shooting session and that's the one that ended up being published... :D 

    - - -

    The Belfort Tattoo Convention, we were there with the Inkvaders crew!

    The old Belfort is very romantic, unfortunately we hadn't enough time to visit properly the town.

    A nice restaurant in the old part of town...

    Our booth at the convention :

    Pedro SOos, a portuguese kick-ass tattooer and super nice person, was present at the convention... he inked a super classy anchor on my boyfriend's arm... 

    The legendary Todd Noble was also at Belfort, his booth was just beside ours... my boyfriend ended up with one of his gorgeous gypsy girls on his forearm... yay! 

    BJ Betts in action!

    My harvest from the convention!  :)

    PS : Unfortunately I won't be taking custom orders anymore for now... due to the enormous amount of work I have at the shop I just don't have time to draw that much anymore. I hope that things will change soon. 
    Please, for all the people waiting for their custom pieces, be patient, I'll try my best to finish the drawings as soon as I can.
    Thanx to everybody!    

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