Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Inkvaders Tattoo part2

    So much fun (and work for me! :) at Inkvaders these times!! 
    A lot of cool guests have been coming by so I had the chance to take a look at the amazing stuff they did here... 
    Manoel 'Maneko' Neto from Good Fellaz Tattoo in Brazil and Joy Rumore and Ashley Love from 1228 Tattoo Shop in Brooklyn were some of the amazing people that stopped by these past weeks...

    Maneko and his Positive Mental Attitude inking some cheerful piece !!!

     The kickass result !!!

    Badass gangstas and psychedelic giant plush toys hanging together at the shop...

    Brooklyn's dope girl Joy Rumore and sweet Ashley Love posing with the Inkvaders' crew! 

    I've been a fan of Ashley's work for years !!! I love what she draws, her unique blend of old school and vintage cuteness is so graceful and elegant... 
    It was a real honor and pleasure for me to have her here, I hope she and Joy will be back soon! 


    Being inked by Ashley Love, a dream come true <3

    Some amazing prints and cards Ashley was carrying with her! Go take a look at her etsy shop ! 

    Party time!

    Joy loved to tell really dirty stories & jokes that made everyone blush afterwards, even herself... 
    Joy, what a kinky girl you are!!  ;)

    These two are custom drawings I made for Shona and Claire! Thanx so much girls!

    Flash set to come...

    Some 250g glossy paper prints back in my shop !

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