Monday, February 21, 2011

Inkvaders Tattoo part.1

    When I started this blog a couple of years ago it was some kind of shock therapy I had decided to administer to myself... At that time I was a rather unhappy teenage girl, feeling kinda lost in some apprenticeship in the business and administrative field that I really hated. Way back then, every morning was an intense struggle trying to find the energy to lift myself out of bed to head to school... one of the saddest and most frustrating part was the feeling that I wasn't doing what I felt I should have been doing with my life, drawing. 

    If I talked earlier about "shock therapy" it's because I also was extremely insecure and afraid of what people could think about my drawings... but at one point I just thought that having a blog to expose my stuff would put enough pressure on me to try to draw more and eventually get better at it. 
    At that time I was already a big tattoo passionate too and secretly dreaming of someday becoming a tattooer... 

    So I posted my first drawings on my blog... and nothing really happened. No comments, no visits, not much... but I kept posting drawings, doing it for myself. 
    And all of sudden, and I really don't know how or why, new people began to become a follower of the blog, posting comments and being very nice and friendly to me... complementing my drawings and urging me to continue to post more drawings... Wow!

    Til the day somebody asked me to custom draw a piece for her, offering to pay me, because she wanted some design of me to get it tattooed... and me I was like, "Are you kidding...? I've never done something like that... not sure that I can, though... but I'm surely  gonna try!" 
    And then things snowballed and custom orders kept arriving in my email box... Wow!

    So by then I wasn't a sad teenage girl anymore! :)  I had already left the school and the apprenticeship that I hated and was trying to focus on drawing more seriously and trying to find an apprenticeship I would love and would be committed to... a tattoo one.

    Until that day finally came! 
    I guess that 2011 will ever be remembered as one of the happiest years of my life as it will always be the year I began my so wanted tattoo apprenticeship... words are not enough to describe the happiness and excitation I've been feeling since I started, early January.  

    And before I post some pictures, I would like to seize here the opportunity to thank all the lovely people who've been following this blog... posting super sweet comments or just stopping by to check my drawings...
    All of you who believed in me at some point and asked me to draw something for you... all of you wearing some of my sketches on your skin... 
    You can't imagine how honored and grateful I feel. I'm completely aware that without you I would never be where I'm today... Thank you so much.

    --- --- ---

    My first "contribution" to the crew... :)

    My working place at Inkvaders ! :)

    Some tattoo flashes I've been working on at the studio... 




    The Inkvaders Crew : Yanni Vera (guest artist), Yang Zhuo (guest artist) & wife, me, Greg Laraigne, Christian Nguyen & family. 

    Christian Nguyen is a tattoo artist who's been tattooing since 1992. He runs Inkvaders Tattoo studio, in Geneva.  He has gained worldwide recognition for his works, being featured in such prestigious media as Black & Gray's Finest. 
    In addition, he has also worked for top companies such as Burton Snowboards, Tns Industries and Vans, just to name a few... 

    The gorgeous tattoo Christian did on my calf...  :)

    Professional business cards... hahaha... ;) 

    Some new postcards are available at my etsy shop !

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