Saturday, July 10, 2010


    Before turning into a somewhat chubby wooden doll, Gustav was one of the fiercest hunters to ever grace the Family... Timmy and Maurice's grandfather had one of the sharpest beaks and eight of the most powerful claws to ever shred a prey... Everybody in the village looked up to him.

    But time past and his wings began to feel heavier and heavier, weighting him down... plus, his beak wasn't the hard cutting lopper it was years ago anymore and his toes couldn't squeeze and crush as they used to do. 
    Gustav retired in the forest, diminished, sad, chagrined and afraid of losing all respect from his tribe. Everything felt bleak and blue cause he knew he would never be the great hunter he once was anymore...

    Til one day, after months of slumbering in a trunk hole trying to sleep life away, he woke up converted in a nesting doll. 
    Gustav could never hunt again... but the transformation turned him into one pondering and wise old bird and the village still look up to him to this day.  

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